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THE SOURCE CoDE is a self discovery Techno Mysticism system that can help you find personal alignment with every aspect of your life. The medium of this knowledge is a set of unique 1024 “karma” cards minted in the Genesis phase of ‘THE SOURCE CoDE’. Every card minted holds cryptic meaning for the card holder. It is like a digital tarot card, only instead of you picking a card from a fixed card set, you mint your unique card, one of a kind digital item, that acts as a charm, your permanent ‘fortune cookie’. When you mint a card, mint with purpose, and the card will guide you.

The primitives


At the base of the TSC system there are 10 symbols. Each symbol represents a dimension of reality and your life. The card holds two sets of symbols. The main, at the top of the card, which generates the root of the karma and the second set that holds the complete summary of the card’s meanings.

The Core

The Core

The center of focus & main visual attribute of the card, holds the message of the card to the owner. LEARN MORE about every card type.

Mint | Own | Gift | Sell

When you mint a card, you generate an intent. Intent is the most powerful tool for navigating the endless possibilities in life. Now that you hold it you can keep it as a reminder or as a form of direction in your digital / real life. You can give it as a gift to someone or sell it to someone who needs it.

What's next?

Now that you are a Source CoDE keeper you can expect:

A visit to the ORACLE where you can get a reading of a card meaning.